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One of my favorite activities to start out a lesson is called Conversation Dice.  The students pick 6 expressions of time (tomorrow, 20 years ago etc) and 6 of anything (dog, shopping, president).  They then roll the dice and must tell a story about the combined results.  Last week I did this activity with my favorite class–a group of elementary adults in a company.  Eugenia rolled “30 years ago” and “shopping.”

”  Theerty years ago, there eez no shopping.  We go to zee store, can buy nothing. (big grin)  All the time we are sooo hungry.  Zere eez NOTHING to eet! (Uproarious laughter)  With my mother we go to zee (Как ты говоришь: “Поля” на английском языке?) fields.  Zee…..zee farmers, zey have een zee….fields?  fields the potatoes.  Leetle potatoes!!  Such leetle potatoes!  Like zees!  And so hungry we go shh! in zee fields and TAKE zee leetle potatoes! (Uproarious laughter)  We poot zem een a basket.  We run to our home and we cook zee potatoes!  (Gasping with laughter.)