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It’s been fascinating hearing my older students talk about what life was like under Soviet Russia.  Eugenia shared about how she stole potatoes from fields with her mother.   Inne shared that Russians are good at simple math calculations, because when you went to the store you knew exactly how much money you had, and you had to buy the most amount of food and squeeze the use out of every kopeck.  Lena told me about waiting in line for three hours to purchase a loaf of bread.  I also hear the positives.  Life was simpler, things were cheaper (because there was nothing to buy), and there were more parks and fewer advertisements.  Last week Katia told me about the time she went to an electronic museum in England, where they had such exciting antiques as irons and vacuum cleaners.  She marveled that in England they were already in a museum, while in Russia most people didn’t have them in their homes.