My attitude towards St. Petersburg has been nonchalant and non-committal up until this point.  It’s a beautiful city, sure, but it also looks and feels like every other beautiful European city.  I was missing, or perhaps if I am honest, wasn’t looking for the charms that make it unique and invigorating.  It’s hard to get excited about a place when all you ever see are the metro tunnels.

Having Daniel here for two weeks let me experience where I live with fresh eyes.  I was able to admire the architecture, absorb the museums and hear the language in a different way.  Watching him plan his days around museums, cathedrals, Moscow, and restaurants made me realize that he’s almost seen more in two weeks than I have in four months.  It makes me want to maximize my time here and and really LIVE in Russia.

I can’t wait to go back to Moscow.  Moscow makes me realize how awesome the St. Petersburg metros are.