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In the wake of the recent presidential election, I had my teenagers write out policies for their own political campaign for them to debate with the opposing ‘party.’  (Boy Party and Girl Party)  Here are the results:

Boy Party

1.  At first we’ll kill Kate and Beata, homeless in M.D.

2.  Make Saturday Weekend

3.  Giving a chess (cheese) to everyone.

4.  Giving a money to the students, and no matter how their study.

5.  Reject the EGE and GIA.  (Russian standardized tests)

Girl Party

1.  First of all we kill Anton and Ilia.

2.  House near the ocean in Los Angeles.

3.  We will have Las Vegas, because of that we will have too much money and a lot of parties.

4.  Make reform that people have money and good roads as in Germany.

5.  We will be have all our world, planet, Moon and Galactica, of course.

During the debate I asked the girls, “Why do you want to kill the boys?”

“They are losers.”