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In my favorite class, we were talking about Titanic being re-released in theaters.  They started motioning with their hands the sinking of a ship and I provided the vocabulary ‘sink, sank, sunk.’  They then launched into an energetic discussion in Russian, and I had to pull them back into English so they could tell me what they were talking about.

“The dog can’t swim.”

“The dog was in the water.”

“Mu Mu”

“He is deeef-mute”

Meghan: “I don’t remember a dog in Titanic….”

“No.  Not this film.”

“Mu Mu.  The only sound he can make.  He is deeef-mute.”

“He calls to the dog ‘mu mu’ and the dog comes.”

“Throw in river.”


“He is slave.”

“Woman master don’t love this dog.”

In case you didn’t get that, this is a Russian film about a deaf-mute slave who had a little dog named Mu Mu.  His master didn’t like the dog, and ordered it to be thrown into the river and drowned.

“It’s very melancholy Russian story.”