Coffee has always loved the flame——loved the slow passionate burning and the gentle warmth.  The coffee’s scent became rich and alive with the presence of heat.

One day, one glorious Russian day, fate brought the coffee and flame together through the felicity that can only occur when a man and two women wonder if they can make a coffee-scented candle by melting wax with ground coffee in a tuna tin over the stove and pouring it into the shell of a tea light.  As the candle was lit, they leaned over breathless to inspect their handiwork.

The long-awaited scent wasn’t there.  The fusion, so lovingly and tenderly crafted, failed to spark the love between coffee and fire.  The flame burned pitifully, resentfully, as the coffee swam near it in a sea of wax longing to be embraced.  Soon the spiteful flame will die, and the coffee will sit frozen forever, preserved in his sorrow and loneliness