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Hush, Pilgrim and listen well

For I have the strangest of tales to tell

Years ago, it happened to chance

That we made our sojourn though countries so vast.

My Knight and I atop our noble steeds

Did traverse afar to fulfill our creeds

For determined we were at the alter to pray

At the foot of the cross our sins to slay

One morning from Krakow we duly departed

Our provisions and shelter behind us we carted

Out from the city so bustling and vast

We set out at last upon our holy task.P1200701


The trails they were rough and the packs were quite heavy

It didn’t take long before I was exhausted and sweaty

My Knight charged ahead looking for the right road

While his Lady lagged behind as her steed ever slowed


Markers we followed and signs we did seek

We consulted our map when our options seemed bleak

Where could we find that symbol oh so red?

Walls, trees and homes or invisible instead?

P1200715Night set upon us, the first Castle in sight

We took to the woods to settle in for the night

Worried we were of the wild pigs galore

Searching for truffles on the forest floor.P1200786The journey continued as our steeds wove their way

Through forest and meadow and city and hay (achoo)

Then in the sunset atop a great hill

The very next Castle beckoned us still

Gleaming she was in the last rays of the sun

Reminding the Pilgrims of the battles she’d won

We approached her with awe and our reverence was deep

Then we sought out another haven to sleepIMG_0533P1200782IMG_0538Around noon the next day we stopped at a creek

It had been days since we’d bathed, and we really did stink

Our provisions ran low and our water supply waxed inept

We searched every town for the marketplace Sklep.

P1200795The countryside so lovely and the karsts so steep!

The aches in my body, making me weep!

More Castles we found, more adventures we had

An Inn for the night made the Lady quite glad!


IMG_0518P1200882Through many more forests, meadows and hills we did roam

Before seeing Bobolice, my new Castle Home!

For here I could live in peace all my days

With my Knight at my side and my happiness ablaze

P1200938The road became rougher and my energies did wane

My steed oh so trusty strained forward in vain

For what can you do on a road made of sand

Than push the poor beast alongside by hand?

IMG_0834The next day we approached the stately Last Castle

But getting there proved to be somewhat of a hassle

For pouring it was and we were steaming and wet

But rejoicing I was, soon needs of food and shower would be met!

P1210005Arrived we were, in Częstochowa on day five!

Filled with gratitude to still be alive

To the steps of the monastery our tired feet took us

Scorning the tourists making their pilgrimage by bus.


Ah, Jasna Gora, your walls and history so fair!

Greeting your Pilgrims from your place in the air

Black Madonna, my Lady, at the altar greeted

Over foe and tyranny and war you defeated!


Protecting your people from the dangers so grave

The nation of Poland from Your enemies didst save

What a journey we had, to our lasting delight

What a wondrous beginning for this Lady and Knight!