August 2015:

Moths detected in flight all over apartment.  At this time they are not an active threat.  Sniper fire directed at flies and spiders

Wednesday, August 26, 8am:

Signs of enemy takeover detected.  Moths showing signs of infiltration at the most intimate level, obviously collecting intelligence.  Empty cocoons found glued to bathmat.  What have they heard?  What do they know?  Where do they intend to strike next?

Thursday, August 27:

Sniper fire has downed two or three enemies.  Special forces continue to collect intelligence on their hiding place.


Friday, August 28, 9 pm:

Have discovered the enemy nest and sent in troops to destroy them.  Empty and live cocoons discovered in neatly folded towels.  Lieutenant General expressed outrage and disgust while the General ran for Bug-A-Salt Rifle.  Hostile fire led to all-out war.  Salt sprayed from weapon as enemies fell one by one.  The flying moths vanquished, the Generals set to work destroying their camp to eradicate enemy once and for all.  Live worms pulled from towels. General sent to take out trash while Lieutenant General started laundry.


Saturday, August 29, 11 am:

Two moths shot by Lieutenant General.  Enemy camp bulldozed and rebuilt.  Apartment declared safe.